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3Com NBX Phones and Attendant Consoles

A complete line of 3Com NBX Phones, all incredibly easy to install and use, are diverse enough to meet the needs of almost any organization. Built-in displays give easy access to a directory of internal users, speed dials, and even personal call logs of the last 100 calls. 3Com NBX phones come with either a built-in hub or switch port so that a computer can easily share the same cable run as the telephone.

Need help selecting the right 3Com NBX phone? Feel free to call us at 800-884-6945 to speak to a 3Com NBX specialist. Our friendly 3Com NBX specialists staff are ready to answer any questions regarding 3Com NBX products.

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3Com NBX 3100 Series Phones
The latest generation of 3Com NBX phones including the 3100 Entry Phone, 3101 Basic Phone, 3101 Basic Speakerphone, 3102 Business Phone, 3103 Manager Phone, 3105 Attendant Console, 3106 Cordless Phone, and 3107 Cordless Phone

3Com NBX 2100 Series Phones
3Com NBX phones including the 2101 Basic Phone, 2101PE Basic Phone, 2102 Business Phone, 2102IR Business Phone, and 2102PE Business Phone.

3Com NBX 1100 Series Phones
3Com NBX phones including the 1102 Business Phone, 1102PE Business Phone, and 1105 Attendant Console

Other NBX Phones
Polycom SoundStation IP3000 - 3Com NBX Conference Phone
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