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3Com NBX 25 Communications System

Combining voice and data services for small businesses!

Small businesses require an affordable, flexible phone system platform that provides no-compromise call processing features and functionality while minimizing the day-to-day operation and maintenance hassles associated with conventional telephone systems.

The 3Com NBX 25 communications system delivers exactly that. With the 3Com NBX 25 system, small companies can have access to feature-rich call-processing, toll-quality voice communications, and all the productivity-enhancing benefits of an Ethernet LAN - in a single converged network. By combining voice and data on a single network infrastructure, the 3Com NBX 25 system eliminates the cost of installing two separate systems - one for voice and one for data. This offers greater scalability, simplifies administration, and significantly reduces overall cost of ownership.

Toll Restrictions
Uncontrolled telephone usage can be a major expense for any business. The 3Com NBX 25 system solves this problem by providing a programmable dial plan that enables organizations to restrict access from certain phones or during certain hours of the day. The dial plan can also help small businesses save money by automatically routing outbound calls to discount long-distance services, such as 10-10-XXX.

Call Detail Reporting
In addition to the dial plan, the 3Com NBX 25 system controls costs by letting small-business owners track usage by user via the NBX Call Reports CDR application. This can help minimize unauthorized long-distance calling.

Time of Day Service Modes
Organizations can program their 3Com NBX 25 system to respond differently at up to four times a day. Each of these customer-defined service modes - such as Open, Closed, Lunch, and Other - can be linked to specific hours of operation. Each service mode can have its own automated attendant, giving small businesses the flexibility to define how they want their calls to be answered and routed.

The 3Com NBX 25 system is a breakthrough product that harnesses advanced 3Com technology to deliver a revolutionary voice/data solution for small companies. By combining advanced voice technology with 3Com global leadership in data networking solutions, the 3Com NBX 25 system enables small companies to enjoy the same righ communications environment as large enterprises - at less cost - while greatly simplifying the day-to-day operation of their communications network.

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