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3Com NBX Accessories



3Com NBX Phone Power Module - 3CNJVOIPMOD-NBX
The 3Com NBX Phone Power Module enables an NBX phone to receive Power over Ethernet forwarded from a 3Com Network Jack or any P802.3af compliant power source.

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3Com NBX Telephone Splitter (12-pack) - 3C10223
The splitter allows power to be transferred from the powered pairs in the LAN cable to the power jack on the telephone set. One splitter is required per NBX telephone. For use with EPS

InPath Devices NBX Compatible Headset
This Headset is fully compatible with 3Com NBX Phones. You can hook the headset up to an audio source such as the audio output of your PC or even a external audio device allowing you to listen to music through the headset. When the phone rings, it switches from the radio/music to the telephone call. Headset includes ultra-lightweight headset with noise cancelling microphone. Other features include mute switch/lamp, transmit volume control, receive volume control, and 6-position configuration switch.


Plantronics DSP-300 PC Headset for the 3Com NBX pcXset
The Plantronics DSP-300 PC Headset has been added to the list of approved headsets for pcXset. Our quality staff reports that the unit improves quality significantly over traditional models.

Product Features:

  • Digitally enhanced full range stereo sound
  • PerSono Audio Control Software for easy control of all your audio needs
  • QuickAdjust microphone allows the user to position the microphone easily and consistently for uniform performance and higher accuracy
  • New lightweight materials for ultimate comfort
  • Sleek, stylish design with color accents
  • Ultra-sensitive digitally-enhanced noise-cancelling microphone delivers the full spectrum of the human voice


Personal Call Recorder
*Factory Refurbished like New*

The Personal Call Recorder is a great solution for small offices that do not require an expensive, complex call recording package. This small device not only records your calls digitally, but it also has the ability to email recordings and trace calls. This accessory is perfect for law enforcement and business & legal professionals who need to keep accurate records for investigations, negotiations, settlements, depositions, and court cases.

Product Features:

  • Record Everything – Connect to an outside line and record calls from any extension
  • Instant Playback – Sort, email, and copy your recordings. Trace calls and print call lists with address and contact information
  • Trace Calls – User call-ID and public internet directories to trace the address and name of callers
  • Easy Installation – Snap the adapter between your phone and PC. Load the CD, and you’re recording!
  • Includes Everything You’ll Need – A complete installation kit connects to any standard phone. All cables and connectors are in the box.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility – 100% guaranteed compatibility with your Windows PC and phone. Comes with a 90 Day Warranty.