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Choose the 3Com NBX System That's Right For You

NBX 25, NBX V3001, NBX 100, SuperStack3 NBX

The world's most popular IP-PBX systems, 3Com NBX phone systems improve customer service, increase employee productivity, and reduce costs. They operate reliably over data networks (LAN's and WAN's), offering both a robust call processing feature set and an extensive suite of applications.

The 3Com NBX phone systems are ideal for organizations that operate in one or many locations, and that require investment assurance for future business expansion. 3Com NBX solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Powerful call processing features for rapid-response customer service and improved employee productivity
  • Built-in applications for greater efficiency and cost savings
  • An ever-expanding suite of optional applications, from third parties and 3Com, that can be added at any time to enhance business operations

The 3Com NBX family is highly scalable and designed for backward and forward compatibility. The NBX 25 system supports up to 25 devices, the NBX 100 system up to 200 devices, and the NBX V3000 and the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX solutions support up to 1,500 devices.

NBX 25 NBX 100 SuperStack 3 NBX
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