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3Com NBX VoiceMail License Upgrade

Expand Your Message Capacity!

Advanced NBX Voice Mail is the built-in messaging application for the family of 3Com networked telephony solutions. For the 3Com® SuperStack® 3 NBX® and NBX 100 systems, you can expand the voicemail auto-attendant port capacity through software-only upgrade licenses. The result: You get a simple, cost-effective means of optimizing your business telephony capabilities to suit your growth curve and to maximize customer responsiveness.

With NBX R4.1 software, you can now both view and listen to voice messages from your PC using the NBX NetSet™ management utility. After seeing on your computer caller ID information, including the date, time, and duration of each call, you can evaluate message importance and then choose to listen to messages in any preferred sequence.

  • Manages message storage and routing; more active businesses need greater storage capacity
  • Manages auto-attendant capacity; the more ports, the more calls you can handle simultaneously
  • Gives you up to 99 greetings per system, and up to 20 submenus per auto-attendant
  • The SuperStack 3 NBX base system supports four auto-attendant ports and a maximum of 400 message storage hours; you can expand to a maximum of 72 auto-attendant ports with software-only upgrades
  • The NBX 100 base system supports 4 auto attendant ports and 30 minutes of message storage; you can expand to a maximum of 12 auto-attendant ports and 80 hours of message storage with software-only upgrades
  • License upgrades can be quickly activated via software code keys

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