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3Com NBX 100 VoiceMail Upgrades

NBX 100 Advanced APX Messaging System!

Every NBX 100 system includes the APX messaging system, a set of powerful software tools for call answering, routing, and messaging. In addition to conventional telephone messaging services, the APX system supports unified messaging via the IMAP4 standard. Unified messaging provides a single, universal in-box for both voice and e-mail messages, so users can better manage their work, prioritize tasks, and respond quickly to business needs. Users can access, scan, play, and save voice messages on their computers using any IMAP4-compatible e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Eudora. The NBX 100 system ships with 4 automated attendant ports with 30 minutes of VoiceMail and is upgradeable to 12 automated attendant ports with 80 hours of VoiceMail.


Part No.
APX Upgrade from 30M/4P to 4H/4P
APX Upgrade from 30M/4P to 20H/6P
APX Upgrade from 30M/4P to 80H/12P
APX Upgrade from 4H/4P to 20H/6P
APX Upgrade from 4H/4P to 80H/12P
APX Upgrade from 20H/6P to 80H/12P