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3Com NBX IP Virtual Tie Line Licenses

All licenses require either NBX IP Serve (3C10131) or NBX IP On-the-Fly (3C10132)
Part No. Description List Price Our Price  


NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 2-port license (unit based)* $1,000 $65

In Stock!
3C10271 NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 2-port license**      
3C10272 NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 4-port license**      
3C10273 NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 8-port license**      
3C10274 NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 16-port license for SS3 NBX only**      
3C10275 NBX IP Virtual Tie Line 24-port license for SS3 NBX only**      
*R4.1 system software or later required
**R4.0 system software or later required

Easily Connect Your Multiple Locations!

If your business has multiple sites with 3Com® NBX® solutions, an NBX IP Virtual Tie Line license will let you make and receive calls between sites over your data network—as easily across the country as down the hall. Dramatically reduce intra-company toll call charges and simultaneously improve customer service with a seamless transfer of calls between sites.

  • Provides radically simple multisite tie line connectivity over IP
  • Transfers calls to other sites seamlessly—customers no longer need to hang up and redial
  • Reduces or eliminates toll-call charges between your locations
  • Easy to use—does not require multistep transfer schemes or hard-to-remember codes
  • Is an economical replacement for dedicated voice-only OPX or tie line circuits used by traditional PBXs
  • Supports hop-on and hop-off with Class of Service restrictions
  • Allows creation of a uniform dial plan for multiple locations
  • Requires no external servers or transcoding gateways (is homogenous NBX-to-NBX signaling over IP)
  • Compatible with 3Com NBX solutions with R4.0 or later system software
  • The 3Com NBX 100 solution supports up to eight tie-line ports
  • The 3Com SuperStack® 3 NBX solution supports up to 48 tie-line ports
  • Test the software with a 60-day trial license