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3Com NBX Media Driver Licenses
(formerly known as NBX WAV Licenses)

Connect Next-Generation Applications, Economically!

These WAV driver licenses can connect 3Com® SuperStack® 3 NBX® and NBX 100 solutions to the increasing array of third-party applications that employ TAPI/WAV interface standards for transmitting audio and call control information over a data network. The licenses let you integrate sophisticated CTI applications using a standards-based software connection, rather than having to incur the additional cost and complexity of traditional per-port analog or digital connections.

  • Lets you access popular unified messaging, call center, and other computer telephony integration (CTI) applications
  • Creates an IP-based software communications link between the application server and 3Com NBX solution, avoiding consumption of analog or digital ports and saving the costs of hardware links
  • Uses TAPI function calls for call signaling and WAV audio processing for linking CTI applications over IP
  • Is an open, standards-based software solution, instead of proprietary hardware connections
  • A standard network interface card is usually the only hardware interface required
  • Eliminates expensive hardware for analog or digital per-port connectivity
  • Adding capacity does not require adding hardware
  • Scalability lets developers rapidly deploy CTI applications
  • Developers can create customized “softphones” for 3Com NBX solutions
  • 3Com NBX technology automatically monitors total concurrent WAV sessions
  • The 3Com NBX 100 solution supports up to 96 ports (96 sessions); see port license options in Product Specifications. The 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX solution supports up to 750 ports (750 sessions); see port license options in Product Specifications
  • 3Com NBX solutions with R3.0 or later system software include one NBX WAV port that is activated free of charge—test the solution, risk free

R4.1 system software or later required
Part No. Description
3C10319 NBX Media Driver Application / 1 Port (unit based)
3C10260 NBX Media Driver Application / 2 Port
3C10261 NBX Media Driver Application / 4 Port
3C10262 NBX Media Driver Application / 8Port
3C10263 NBX Media Driver Application / 16 Port
3C10264 NBX Media Driver Application / 24 Port
3C10265 NBX Media Driver Application / 48 Port
3C10266 NBX Media Driver Application / 96 Port
3C10267 NBX Media Driver Application / 750 Port