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How to Configure Off-Site Notification

Enable Off-Site Notification

1. Open NetSet and login as Administrator
2. Click on the Tab To It icon.
3. Click on the NBX Voice Mail tab under NBX Messaging
4. Click on the Off Site Notification.
5. Place a checkmark next to Enabled.
6. Specify the number of APX ports for notification (recommend less than half of total APX ports).
7. Enter the Out-dialing Prefix (the prefix number to access an outside line - usually "9")
Enable Off-Site Notification in CoS (Class of Service)
1. Click on the CoS tab under User Configuration.
2. Select a CoS User Group and click Modify.
3. Next to Offsite Notification, plack a check mark next to Enable.
4. Click OK.
Enable Off-Site Notification for User
1. Click on the Users tab under User Configuration.
2. Select a user and click on the User Settings button.
3. Click on the NBX Messaging tab.
4. Click on the Off Site Notification button.
5. Place a check mark next to Enabled.
6. Select a Method from the drop-down menu (Pager, Voice Mail, EMail).
7. Enter the Pager number, Telephone number, or E-mail address in the Number/Address field.
8. If you have selected Pager as a method, enter a numeric message in the Numeric Page field. This message appears on the pager display. Use only numbers 0 through 9, *, #, and "," (comma) for any required delays.
9. Select an Interval, the amount of time before the next attempt to notify the user that a message has been left in the mailbox
10. Click OK.