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Replacing an NBX Phone
1. Make sure your system is set to Auto Discover Telephones. You may do this through System Configuration -> System Settings -> System Wide. Place a check next to "Auto Discover Telephones"
2. Connect the new NBX phone to the network. Verify the NBX system has recognized the new phone by going to Device Configuration -> Telephones. The new phone should have an extension and will have an asterisk before the extension number indicating no name has yet been assigned. Write down the extension number and MAC address of this new phone as you will need it in the next step.
3. Go to User Configuration -> Users. Highlight the extension to be swapped and click on "Modify". In the telephone list, find the newly discovered phone and click on it. Confirm this is the newly discovered phone by verifying the extension and MAC address. Click OK.
4. Your new NBX phone should now be associated with your old extension.