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3Com NBX 3105 Attendant Console - 3C10405B


The 3Com NBX 3105 Attendant Console is an invaluable tool for any business that requires the personal touch of live call answering while demanding efficient call handling. The console is ideal for a receptionist or departmental administrator that needs immediate knowledge as to whether staff is on a phone call. Mated with a 3Com Business Phone, the Console provides access to the status of up to one hundred users. Inbound call handling functions such as Transfer and Call Park are at a user's fingertips.

The 3Com 3105 Attendant Console's 50 programmable buttons can be instantly doubled to 100 via the console's Shift button. An additional four buttons are reserved for frequently used call handling features such as Transfer, Call Park, Transfer to Voice Mail or Hold. Multiple 3Com 3105 Attendant Consoles can be connected in parallel to service larger locations.

The Attendant Console is flexible enough to handle a variety of other tasks: one-touch access to monitor messages waiting in user mailboxes, access to direct line appearances, multiple speed dials, and more. The Attendant Console's flexible programming allows for any combination of these capabilities, maximizing productivity.

  • Supports 3Com NBX H3 or SIP call control
  • Provides Direct Station Selection and Busy Lamp Field functions (DSS/BLF)
  • Offers 50 programmable buttons with LEDs
  • Can turn the 50 button functions to 100 instantly with an illuminated Shift button
  • Provides four pre-programmed feature buttons
  • Accommodates larger sites by allowing multiple Consoles to be used concurrently
  • Facilitates versatility with a multi-position stand for desktop or wall mount use
  • Comes with a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for LAN connectivity
  • Provides IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet support



3Com NBX 3105 Attendant Console Datasheet
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