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3Com NBX 100 Small Business Standard Package

The 3Com NBX 100 Small Business Standard Package is a perfect package for 10 or more users with remote locations. This package will allow you to have up to 8 analog lines with 4 analog devices on the system. A voicemail license upgrade of 4 Hours/4 Ports is included. The IP On-the-Fly site license will allow you to place NBX Phones at remote locations. The newest NBX 3102 phones are included in this packages along with a 12-Port Ethernet Power Source to power your phones from a central location. Package includes the Basic Turnkey Installation which included all basic system configuration to allow the system to by physically placed and completed by you A one-month subscription to NBX Administrator and User self-training is included for FREE!

The 3Com NBX 100 Standard Package includes the following:

  • NBX 100 Chassis
  • NBX 100 Call Processor
  • NBX 4-Port Analog Line Card (2)
  • NBX 4-Port Analog Terminal Card (1)
  • NBX 3102 Business Phones with Licenses (10)
  • NBX 3105 Attendant Console with License (1)
  • NBX 12-Port Ethernet Power Source with NBX Phone Splitters
  • 4 Hours/4 Ports VoiceMail
  • NBX IP On-the-Fly Site License
  • NBX Backup Software
  • NBX Admin Online Self-Training Site License (1 Month)
  • NBX User Online Self-Training Site License (1 Month)
  • Basic Turnkey NBX Installation

Standard Features Include:

  • NBX Off-Site Notification
  • NBX Unified Messaging
  • NBX Multilevel Auto Attendants
  • NBX Hunt Groups/Calling Groups
  • NBX Call Detail Reporting