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"SonicWALL has been of great help to our company, as it replaced several of the proxy modules that were previously in use. Overall we at Toshiba America MRI, Inc. are very happy with the performance of the SonicWALL and we applaud SonicWALL, Inc. for coming out with a cheap and very effective firewall solution, which is a must for all businesses."

Sunil Jagarlamudi
Toshiba America MRI, Inc.


SonicWALL PRO100
Part No. 01-SSC-2960

The Best Value for Small Businesses and Institutions!

The SonicWALL PRO 100 provides the best value for small businesses and institutions that need hardened firewall security, with unlimited network nodes for low cost-per-user protection and an integrated DMZ to support public servers and resources.

The desktop PRO 100 delivers hardened firewall protection with an ICSA-certified, stateful packet inspection firewall and support for industry-standard IPSec VPN to provide fast, secure access through any manufacturer's IPSec-compliant VPN gateway. Built on SonicWALL's security ASIC, the PRO 100 offloads the processing overhead associated with encryption to provide fast VPN performance for up to 50 VPN tunnels.

An intuitive Web management interface and administration wizards simplify security management, and supports a wide array of local or remote management options including CLI, Web-interface, and SNMP. Comprehensive centralized management and policy setting is available with the award-winning SonicWALL Global Management System, an intuitive and powerful tool designed to reduce administration overhead of multiple SonicWALL Internet security appliances as needs and requirements scale.

The PRO 100 fits perfectly into any size network to provide enterprise-class security, and easily supports SonicWALL's comprehensive portfolio of security services, including Network Anti-Virus, Content Filtering, and Authentication Service. Centralized deployment and management of critical security applications or services eliminates the cost and complexity of installing, managing, and updating separate devices and software packages with a simple, powerful, and flexible solution.

The SonicWALL PRO 100 Internet security appliance is an affordable, reliable, and scalable solution that meets the demands of growing businesses with hardened firewall security, designed to adapt to network security threats and protect an organization's valuable data and users.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Architecture and Performance. A De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) port maintains the security of the private LAN while providing access to critical public resources such as Web or E-mail servers, offering protection from threats such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. SonicWALL's security ASIC offloads encryption processing overhead to guarantee the best possible performance for broadband connections, while adhering to industry standards with ICSA-certified, stateful packet inspection technology.
  • Comprehensive Security. The PRO 100 provides everything needed for enterprise-class security and connectivity, with seamless integration of SonicWALL's comprehensive portfolio of security services such as Network Anti-Virus, Internet Content Filtering, and Authentication Service, without the need to install and manage separate devices or software packages. The PRO 100 also comes with a single dial-up VPN client for immediate deployment to remote users.
  • Flexible Management. An intuitive management interface, administration wizards, and support for a wide variety of local and remote management options dramatically reduces the time and cost of deploying secure connectivity. The PRO 100 fits perfectly into a large corporate network infrastructure and reduces administration overhead because it can be managed locally, remotely on a device-by-device basis using CLI, or globally using SonicWALL Global Management System.
  • Cost Effective Solution. Unlimited node support dramatically drives down the cost of firewall protection on a per-user basis and provides enterprise-class protection while providing access to critical public servers and resources through the built-in DMZ port.
Part No. Description
01-SSC-2960 SonicWALL PRO 100 Firewall/VPN Appliance